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Wishlist The Dreadful Whispers :

In this video I show you the 31 games I’ve made with Unity these past 2 and a half years, from top down shooters to platformers to weird art games !
And I share with you the main things I’ve learnt by doing so !


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(You need to download these two games via Github)

Midnight Fire :
Color Shooter :

(These can be played directly in your browser)

Raining Apocalypse :
Surviving Hell :
The Vicious Cycle :
The Horizontal Kingdom :
The Enemies Within :
Towards Better :
Bring Your Imagination to Life :
Beneat the Skin :
Be Yourself :
The Fire of Belief :
They Have No Choice :
A Puzzling Combination :
He Almost Killed Me :
Hatchlings :
A Waffles Fate :
Blend In :
Inner :
The Key :
Mario Madness :
Evolution :
The Link :
The Game Creation Recipe :
The Other Side :
Battling Madness :
Please Player :
Escaping Hearts :
Tiny Planets :

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  1. The dreadful whispers and the multiple focus mechanics, are really cool, I didn't like the rest. You're art skills might not be the best, but you're creative and original. Really nice work; I don't see these kind of things everyday

  2. If this comment get 10 like I will literally DRINK MILK!!!

    1:34 Game1 "Midnight Fire"
    2:24 Game2 "Color Shooter"
    3:09 Game3 "Raining Apocalypse"
    3:44 Game4 "Surviving Hell"
    4:17 Game5 "Round a lots"
    4:45 Game6 "The Vicious Cycle"
    5:00 Game7 "Horizontal Kingdom"
    5:36 Game8 "The Enemies Within"
    6:21 Game9 "Towards Better"
    6:57 Game10 "Doodles"
    7:16 Game11 "Beneath the Skin"
    7:49 Game12 "Be Yourself"
    8:27 Game13 "The Fire of Belief"
    9:24 Game14 "They have no Choice"
    9:43 Game15 "A Puzzling Combination"
    10:19 Game16 "He almost killed Me"
    11:15 Game17 "Hatchling"
    11:24 Game18 "A Waffles Fate"
    11:37 Game19 "Blend In"
    11:49 Game20 "Inner"
    12:02 Game21 "The Key"
    12:12 Game22 "Mario Madness"
    12:51 Game23 "Evolution"
    13:23 Game24 "The Link"
    13:39 Game25 "Haha"
    13:49 Game26 "The Game Creation Recipe"
    14:29 Game27 "The Other Side"
    15:11 Game28 "Battling Madness"
    15:40 Game29 "Please Player"
    16:01 Game30 "Escaping Hearts"
    16:18 Game31 "Tiny Planets"
    Took me about 30 minutes!

  3. Absolutely amazing, and very inspiring, my first game is the endless runner I am following your tutorials 🙂

  4. 4 walkthroughs on these 4 links
    The Key : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZXEk1e0iWMB-Jt0XF3mjSVzVpTrkXrbX/view
    Good Vibes : https://drive.google.com/file/d/14UbaOOQdyjKJXnEvakTqkc99jgTZCmkG/view
    Evolution : https://drive.google.com/file/d/13tdBVFyiBU3EvezRJWo7Ou8JMN0EC1Rv/view
    100 K subscribers game : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bk0FNjHfU_LTNqIR9Br0v67-9JDNFVA-/view

  5. Where do you publish them? And How? Tutorial on how to publish ( various options) once someone makes a game will be great

  6. "it's an FPS set in the mind where you blast at monsters that represent doubt, fear, and negativity."

    Yeah that's totally a blackthornprod game.

  7. I downloaded unity today, I'm really interested in programming and making games but I'm a total beginner, I'll try my best and maybe some day I'll participate in a game jam

  8. What you have learn is that you can earn more by making videos about making games than to actually make them, because the only one who gets rich in a gold rush are people who sells shovels and dynamite.


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