This video is ultimate guide how to do over 40 feints in PES 2018, with detailed explanation and animated gamepad, so it’s easy to understand. If you like my video please hit a like button, leave a comment and subscribe for more great videos.

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●Special Move:
This feint can be performed with specific players, a skillful dribbler like Neymar, Douglas Costa, Dembele…

●Weaker/stronger foot icon:
If a player is right-footed trick only works if you flick the stick in certain direction, and if a player is left-footed then you must flick stick in the opposide direction.

●List of feints:
Cruyff Turn
Fake Rabona
Neymar’s Signature Move
Riquelme’s Turn
Bergkamp Flick
Sombrero Heel Flick
Advanced Sombrero
Neymar’s Heel Trap
Trought The Legs
Step Over Feint
Multiple Step Overs
Marseille Turn
McGeady Spin
One Foot Roulette
3 Time Roulette
La Croqueta
Inside Double Touch
Inside Double Touch Behind
Ronaldo Chop
Scotch Move
Reverse Elastico
Elastico To Diagonal Take
Hocus Pocus
Inside Bounce
In and Out
Out and In
Rainbow Flick
Rainbow Flick Variation
Run Around
Knock The Ball On
Drag and Close
Drag Back
Draw and Close
L Feint
Reverse Step Over
Body Feint
Kick Feint
Fancy Fake Shot
Neymar’s Secret Moves

Forslund Svensson – I’m Going Underground
Forslund Svensson – Get Back In The Game
Forslund Svensson – Sooner Than You Know

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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  1. Thanks bro,i was struggling to compete with other players…because i was a fifa player before and this was very helpful,love your videos!😁

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  3. Good, skills very good😎I have pes about 5 years ago and I did not know how to do those skills so far XD, like if you are looking at the comment in 2018.


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