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◆ Paragon Twinblast Gameplay – TWINBLAST IS AMAZING! –

◆ Paragon Patch V44 – NEW JUNGLE, HERO REWORKS & MORE! –

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This is just a random deck I had, it’s not specifically made for Twinblast but works relatively well. I’ll update it once I play a few more games with TB.

Cull the Weak
Advanced Evolution
Mana-Flow Acolyte
Atomic Soldier
Sleeper Agent
Invader Mage
Astral Leap
Corrosive Walker
Black Ice Routine
Shadow Dancer

◆ GEMS ◆
Quick Exit
Deadly Mana
Mana Fountain
Ruthless Spells
Overpowered Spells

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  1. If epic had ranked AND casual mode they could have catered to the proAM market and the hardcore, experimented looser changes in one and grew both beside each other. If I were a new game successor with this it would I hope to get that right at least. I miss Paragone (When I saw .42 new card system drop was dead after that.) I lot and secretly dream epic plays back in this space to resurrect it. I know that wont happen

  2. I remember playing Gideon a while ago being able to do this cool levitate thing can you still do that with him?

  3. Good video dude.. but real talk whatever buff grux got he needed to make him a valuable character again.i mean yea he wrecked but that just shows you not go one on one with him lol. But overall I enjoyed your vid 🙂

  4. I just found paragon and I was on the website I saw Gideon I thought his attacks were good but that blackhole attack is just so overpowered so I now use him for most of my time playing.

    Also, I think this game is super good and that everyone should play it because if people like overwatch they will love this.

  5. A year ago when i stopped playing gideon was my favorite hero to play, but was so garbage it made you want to cry.. Literally anything enemies did ended your ult, and so he became a complete pushover. I am really glad they brought back his true power

  6. 0:35 that has to be a glitch because the stun doesn't last a specific amount of time it lasts till the ult ends. so if he ults and you walk into it 2 seconds later then you'll only be stunned for 1.5 sec. so if he gets knocked out everyone should be unstunned.

  7. Gideon game play 22kills 0 deaths carried team . . . OP or skill ?

  8. "HIS ULTIMATE IS OVERPOWERED!!!" not really he needs that stun or you just get ulted by Countess and ripped out of your ult when you ult whole enemy team.

  9. You complain that Grux does too much damage yet Gideon breach takes chunk from range. Range versus Melee the melee should do high damage for the difficulty to get close

  10. Love you videos, but one thing..I noticed, you have a mission/solo queue play style..which isn't bad,but you miss a lot of possible fights and gank..even the small ganks matter lol haha..I'm not saying go in for every fight or gank, but at least a few basics to support or back the enemy up instead of "nooooo, you going to far"

  11. Is it me or does anyone else get annoyed when it says "ENEMY TEAM DESTROYED TOWER" or "ALLIED TEAM DESTROYED TOWER". Seems redundant and confused me at times. Plus the health bar on the top sucks, the font of everything is too thin, the kda, coins and level are hidden in the bottom corner, and so many other things that are unnecessary.

  12. I am mad of the fact that they lowered the Seismic assault stun for Lt Belica which was her only escape opportunity!!! And yet they give Gideon an escape opportunity and a fucking 3 second stun?!?! Like wtf Paragon, please increase Lt Belicas stun again.

  13. A little trick. If you want to stay alive while ult in any situation, teleport up high and use ult there.) Its confuses the enemy first. And no one but ranged can reach you.)

  14. Played my first round after september yesterday wasnt able cause of exams and didnt know the changes dayum that gideon fcked me up so hard 😀
    Keep it up dude 🙂

  15. Oh yeah, gideon highly overpowered but no one talking bout how that grux just almost 3hit Ko'd you. Don't put gideon under the boat just because he finally has a good ult. Before enemies were able to easily walk out of his ult no problem, even on the event horizon. Its about time his ult got a buff like this, because now I can ult the full duration without having to stop because everyone left my ult.


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