i uploaded this for educational purposes. in no way shape or form do i promote cheating/gaining an unfair advantage on another player.

DO NOT DO THIS ON ANY SERVER, YOU WILL GET BANNED WITHIN SECONDS. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE REALLY HIGH FPS. (Higher the FPS, higher the CPS) was fucking around on the club and i tried this and got banned LOL. works in vanilla minecraft too.
if you do this and get banned, do not blame me. blame yourself for being a moron LOL. (it doesnt always work but when it does, its insane) i recommend using it in single player for building or just messing around with friends on a SMP.

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  1. is there any other method to do it in other games? i want to make it so when i hold spacebar it will spam right click until i remove my finger

  2. He is using CPSMod, go to 0:33 and turn on 0.25x speed. Look at the minecraft window, and right when he is done saying "im not gonna cut" pause the vid.
    Like so others can see this too.

  3. If you have a red stone farm ant the bottom of the world set the key to break things to numpad enter and put your phone on it


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