Your eyes do not deceive you, it may look like an enlarged Discovery Sport but in fact, this is the all new Land Rover Discovery. This all new designed SUV features an updated interior, complete with wooden finish more reminiscent of Range Rover than Land Rover. However, has Land Rover managed to borrow from its cousin to compete with rivals such as the Audi Q7, Mercedes GLE and Volvo XC90? Has it finally married luxury and practicality, that can compete in the rush of the school run, and navigate treacherous off road obstacles? Well never fear, my review covers both topics, minus the children as I show you exactly what this new Land Rover Discovery has to offer, in this in-depth video review.

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  1. It seemed like he had just consumed a lot of caffeine before he made the video. If you look closely his hands were shaky, his voice was fast and trembly, many times he had pacifying movements to relax and many other things indicated that his nervous system was altered. Coffee is good but too much coffee is not.

  2. Hey mat can you please do a review on the all new BMW alpino b7 bcz I have been waiting for it so long……..all your reviews and vedios are cool, so expecting a Same kind of vedio on alpino b7. thanks for entertaining us.

  3. I think Land Rover should rename this SUV, Land Rover Life or something like that, and bring the Disco 4 back, as the Disco Classic, with new interior, new infotainment and new I6 engines.

  4. Is it based on the floor plan of the old cheap Freelander? Is it up to date on inside but based on a cheaper base? It is tiny compared to older traditional shape. The old shape was as big as a Range Rover. Short cut?

  5. Matt didn't mention that the diesel models will dump fuel into the oil sump wrecking the engine! Land Rovers are overrated pieces of shit!

  6. Lol this car is terrable… Just like the new top gear is terrable, I'm gonna take the old disco and old top gear thanks.

  7. Oil Dilution issues big time on the Diesels – have a google – Oil service three / four times a year and not 24months – google this before buying

  8. When you live in the countryside the reversing camera gets blathered in mud so it is useless then
    And the 2.0 litre averages about 25 mpg

  9. Wow, this is the most biased review i have ever seen from Matt. Must have shares or Family working for Land Rover.


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