Today we go downtown for some Black Friday shopping!
Looking at the best black friday sales and black friday deals for sneakers in the city! We also check up on the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Sesame to see if they’re sitting like the Zebra Yeezys or Alphaedge 4D!

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  2. I love the sesame's but the zebra's to me are super dope, I'd prefer the zebra's if i had to choose 1. @his.visions

  3. I always wanted a yeezy shoes, but no money to buy huhu, Huge fan all the way from the Philippines. Love your vlogs

  4. I’d choose to get the Sesame ones over the Zebras cos’ well simply they’re easier to style with. Can’t really do much with the Zebras but appreciate the aesthetic 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. i've always loved the zebras since they released a few years ago, but i really like the sesames for an everyday yeezy to wear @randy_townsend.

  6. I got lucky with the sesame this time around I usually don’t get lucky. But I like the color way on the sesame but still love the zebras! Thank you for the info man

  7. Damn. I can’t believe I passed on these. I’m hella broke that’s why and waiting for the frozen yellow restock. But hey, I don’t mind these giveaway and that size 11.5 is my size :p
    Best of luck to everyone.
    Ig: @Mcniel_Fb6ix

  8. Those yeezy are way better than zebra. Here in uk all white would get dirty way too quick. These yeezy are more clean aswell. IG : adz.smhn

  9. They’re both dope, but if I had to pick one I’d have to go with the zebras, the zebras are gonna break more necks but the sesames are really clean and casual and they go well with pretty much any fit. IG: joe_lane04

  10. Team zebra , I think the zebras has a very eye catching colourway and the sesame isn't bad but it is abit too dull for me . @kuan.yutan

  11. For me I love the zebras cause that’s one of the color ways that everyone love but I would love the sesame as my firsts pair of yeezys IG@HeavyDat1 ALOHA FROM HAWAII

  12. Though I like both, I'd give the nod to the Zebra Yeezys. It doesn't look like any other sneaker out in the market today. A unique look. ✅ ( ig: professorvilla )

  13. They are still sitting in Moscow full size yesterday I checked but I guess it’s a good thing for people to make rational decisions and buy Yeezys bc you like but not bc it’s limited.
    IG name: ericyu4real

  14. I have to go with sesame gang bc it's cleeean and that gum bottom reminds me to the Adidas samba 🔥🔥🔥
    Ig: hdz.edil

  15. Zabras are disaster after getting dirty. Sesame is so far the best colorway for 350. Wish they do the same thing for 750s.


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