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Show Notes:

Last year, we held an audition to allow Game Knights fans a chance to appear as a guest on the show. We received so many amazing submissions that we chose not one, but TWO people (Amelia “Milly” Wales and Matthew Osborne) to fly out to LA and “get knighted” for an epic game of Commander with Jimmy and Josh in front of the cameras.

We told them to bring their favorite decks. And they did not disappoint. We hope you enjoy watching this wild battle as much as we did playing it.

It’s Yuriko vs Braids vs Ruric Thar vs Tim

Who will emerge victorious?! ONLY ONE MAY STAND!!


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Where to find our guests online:

Amelia “Milly” Wales:
Twitter: @foxesforsale

Matthew Osborne:
Twitter: @KnightLite95


Deck Lists:

JLK’s Tim Deck:

Milly’s Yuriko Deck:

Jimmy’s Braids Deck:

Matthew’s Ruric Thar:



Director and Supervising Editor: Josh Lee Kwai
Editors: Josh Murphy and Jake Boss
Assistant Editors: Ashlen Rose and Ladee Danger
Additional Editing: Terry Robertson
Special FX, Animations and GFX: Sam Waldow
Additional GFX: Grant Aldrich and Geoffrey Palmer
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Recording: Jim Funicelli
Sound Mix: Jake Boss
L2 Judge: Danny Simard 
Set Design: Bonnie Vacevich

Ruric Thar (Voice): Jake Boss and Josh Murphy


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  1. Jimmy should have just used meteor golem to blow up ruric that and then pact of negation the bounce so he really could have just spewed out his hand

  2. Jimmy: I have an idea
    I’m going to tap ten

    Josh: I DON’T LIKE THIS IDEA!!!!!

    I don’t know why but this part was funny to me

  3. At 1:10:45, Josh missplay big time by not activate Tim to kill the soul of the harvest with deathtouch. No reason at all to wait and see what comes off cascade. 😛

  4. Watching this again, I just relized that Jimmy lost to his own Gilded Drake. He had a Meteor Golem there, but he could not get rid of Ruric Thar with it because he controlled it. Bad beats.

  5. My commander deck have yuriko, this deck no hace more ninjas, adapt this, but this vídeo is great !!!:)

  6. I wouldn't break my word, because there is no planet where i give that word in the first place to stop 5 damage unless it would be lethal

  7. Matthew has a lot of sequencing errors. You want to draw from your soul of the harvest first, then play your other spells. Always see what you’ll draw before tapping all of your mana

  8. Is there any episode of game knights where Jimmy actually wins? I’ve been watching a few but I can’t recall…

  9. Fav part was the end the look on the the fans faces when josh and jimmy gave their guests some gifts. Nice touch boys!


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