SOMA begins! The next horror game from Frictional Games, the studio that brought you Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is turning out to be a mind-bender!
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  1. I miss amnesia it was such a cool little game and now seeing soma but the thing is I never saw any of these custom maps unless I haven’t been looking hard but amnesia and soma was such a great little horror game it has such a cool concept

  2. Probably the series that got me into Markiplier. This game was kinda depressing for me so Markiplier helped in that regard.

  3. I only just recently started binging your content, and I was really hoping you'd played SOMA because it's one of my favorites of all time–AND HERE WE IS. hellll yeaahhhh

  4. finally playing this game in 2020 and managed to avoid all spoilers somehow so i can FINALLY watch mark play lmao !

  5. I remember this game being so hard to run on PC with a decent frame-rate when it first came out, especially if you attempted to max it out.

    Playing it again in 2020, and getting an easy 300 + FPS at 1440P maxed out 😂. Just goes to show how powerful GPU/CPU power has come since then.

    Amazing fucking game though, the atmosphere, ambience and sound are superb, especially if you play with a super high quality pair of headphones. Makes the scares so much better, and terrifying, a must play in the dark for sure.

  6. "Oh that's nothing my brain just can't stop bleeding"
    Pantherstar aka me:Oh yes definitely nothing.


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