All Master Yi Skins Spotlight 2020 (League of Legends)

All Master Yi Skins Spotlight 2020 League of Legends
This video contains skins spotlight for all Master Yi skins since 2009 to 2020, the latest being Blood Moon.

00:04 Blood Moon Master Yi – 1350 RP
01:44 Snow Man Yi – 1350 RP
03:25 Eternal Sword Master Yi – 1350 RP
05:13 Cosmic Blade Master Yi – 1350 RP
06:54 PROJECT: Yi – 1820 RP
09:03 Headhunter Master Yi – 975 RP
10:45 Samurai Master Yi – 520 RP
12:25 Ionia Master Yi – 975 RP
14:08 Chosen Master Yi – 520 RP
15:52 Assassin Master Yi – 390 RP
17:33 Original Master Yi – 450 BE x 260 RP

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  1. buying cosmic is the reason i watch these videos before buying anymore.

    Skin art looks awsome, in game is awful.

  2. Yi the Chosen one is the best

  3. yi with JEDI sword is the best i dont care what anyone else says.

  4. For the 'Chosen' Yi skin, does the blade (lightsaber) color change automatically? Or can you just have it set on 1 color?

  5. Project is the best

  6. snowman is so beautiful

  7. Project and eternal sword are the best skins

  8. how long til bloodmoon comes out?

  9. Snowman with Obsidian Chroma is just to smoooth to Play with.

  10. Cosmic and PROYECT are my favourite Yi skins. Athough Blood Moon is very good too.


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