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2017 Lexus IS200t In Depth Review of ALL Interior & Exterior Features-Video Owner’s Manual
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Time Stamps-
1:20 Key
1:57 Trunk
5:32 Fuel Door
6:26 Smart Access Door Handle
7:18 Start Up
10:04 LED Headlights/Daytime Running Lights/Tail Lights
14:06 Blind Spot Monitor
15:39 Rear Seat Airbags
15:54 Latch Safety System
16:28 Child Safety Top Tether
17:32 Driver Door Controls
18:17 Driver Seat Controls
18:47 Intelligent High Beams
19:18 Center Console
20:12 8 Speed Sequential Shift Transmission
20:56 Selectible Drive Modes
22:46 Traction Control Button
22:53 Snow Mode Button
23:04 Center Display/Infotainment
35:19 Steering Wheel Controls/Mulit-Information Display
38:30 Steering Wheel Audio Controls
39:14 Headlight Stalk
40:34 Back-Up Camera

Bold design is just one way the IS Turbo stands apart from the crowd. With a turbocharger designed in-house, the 241-horsepower* engine delivers response and performance you can feel the moment you accelerate. Advanced paddle-shift transmissions put the exhilarating performance of the IS models at your fingertips. With the most comprehensive safety system ever offered on the IS, security comes standard. Customize your dose of adrenaline. Drive Mode Select enables you to make your IS more responsive or efficient with a simple turn of a dial. Change the cabin temperature with a swipe of your finger. The full-color LCD multi-information display within the gauge cluster allows you to quickly read the data you need to achieve optimum performance. Readouts include performance data such as drive mode, gear position and odometer information. Additionally, this in-dash display offers multimedia linkage so that you can view incoming calls, current song titles and more. STANDARD ON: IS 300, IS 300 F SPORT, IS TURBO F SPORT, IS TURBO, IS 350 F SPORT, IS 350 Voice command enables you to place compatible Bluetooth*-enabled phone calls and operate climate, audio and (if equipped) navigation functions using normal, everyday speech. If you say “It’s too hot in here,” for example, the climate control will automatically lower the temperature by four degrees. OPTIONAL ON: IS 300, IS 300 F SPORT, IS TURBO F SPORT, IS TURBO, IS 350 F SPORT, IS 350
An intelligent alternative to onboard navigation, Scout® GPS Link uses a smartphone app to offer turn-by-turn directions via the multimedia display. Separate from Lexus Enform* services and subscription-free, Scout GPS Link provides drivers with real-time traffic info, personalized commute times, automatic traffic avoidance and more. STANDARD ON: IS 300, IS 300 F SPORT, IS TURBO F SPORT, IS TURBO, IS 350 F SPORT, IS 350

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  1. At 35:19..I cannot view the weather. The screen displays “HD signal is not available for this service. Please try again later” WHY?! What do I do? How do I get an HD signal???

  2. Do the safety features have to be turned on (is there a button)? Programmed? I think I’ve gotten close to a car and my car didn’t “slow down/brake”. Is there a way to raise the volume when it comes to the blind spot sensors? I hear a slight faint vibration. I wish it were louder or has noise. Also, is there supposed to be an some type of “warning” noise the headlights make when the car is turned off but your headlights are still turned on? Btw, I own the 2017 IS 200t F sport

  3. Hey ! What’s the other tank called the one In front of the engine. You didn’t mention the name . Thanks

  4. Hey, Brock.
    Great video.
    How's the car scene as of late? You did a great job putting this entire video together and it was very thorough to say the least!
    Lexus are nice cars and I am happy to say I have one.
    Sad to say you are not in the area I live in and I would love to have worked with you.


  5. This really is an awesome review. I'm in the process of getting a pre-owned Lexus and this will be extremely helpful.

  6. Just purchased this car very neatly designed inside but takes a while to take off but once it does it will eat up the road in style…lol

  7. why bother even opening the hood on these new cars, they are all covered with that plastic cover. I WANNA SEE THE ENGINES LIKE IN THE OLD DAYS. A friend has a HEMI engine with that cover. Shameful. The engine is the car. Another thing I am concerned about, I read review that the mileage is horrible, and the front facia bold bottom insets is not aero.
    So this car MSPR new is 41,000.00 and a 1 year used one with 15k on it sells for 25-27k. Resell definitely is not good.

  8. Overall a slick looking car i just cant stop looking at that grill though and i just cant get over it. Im thinking maybe if you have a wheel of cheese it could be used to grade it?

  9. Just got 2018 IS300t. Can you do a comparison video between the 2017 IS200t and 2018 IS300t? It’s a bit confusing changing the name to 300 when there’s no engine change.


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